Tips for Buying a Puppy

The Club will provide contact details for members who might have puppies available. Contact the Secretary for contact information.

BUT before you proceed with your search, think about whether or not a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel suits your lifestyle and time constraints by considering the following points:

  • A CKCS is a companion dog and not suitable for homes where it will be home alone for many hours.

  • Are you prepared to groom very regularly (every day, second day) to prevent matting.

  • Are you prepared to exercise and play with your dog each day?

Finding a Responsible Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) Registered Breeder:


  • It's important to choose a responsible breeder, that is, one who is a member of the ANKC’s member body in your state, or the breeder’s state of residence (ie Dogs ACT, Dogs NSW).

  • Don’t buy from an unregistered breeder (puppy farmer) or so-called registered breeder who is not an ANKC body member;  a pet shop;  free newspapers or websites such as Gumtree and other mass pet marketing sites.  Dogzonline is ok, but even here you must do your homework.

  • Visit the breeder's home at least once before you take delivery of your puppy.  See the puppies on offer, the mother and any other dogs owned by the breeder.  You may not be able to see the puppies’ sire as the breeder may not own him.

  • Ask to see, and preferably get a copy, of all health screening documents.

  • Remember to discuss the terms and conditions upon which the puppy can be returned to the breeder should you not be able to keep the puppy/dog.

  • It is a good idea to have your puppy vet checked within a week of taking delivery.  Don’t forget to have the microchip checked and to notify your local government office of the change of address for the puppy.  You might also want to transfer your puppy’s ANKC registration to your name (this will involve joining Dogs ACT or Dogs NSW or your state of residence

  • Research the breed through this website and other forums – see the Club’s “health” page